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The Family Office: Managing Complex Financial Activities.


Creating efficiencies and optimizing across multiple elements that can include the family, financial assets, philanthropy, and business is the purpose of establishing an inhouse or virtual family office. We are committed to providing families with access to networking, continuous learning, and objective guidance to help them achieve success. Schedule a call to learn more.

Why a family office?


A family office may be created to support their overall financial needs, lifestyle management, a significant liquidity event, or other purpose such as legacy planning. Every family office is as unique as the family it serves.

Family offices can provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Investment strategy and management

  • Tax planning

  • Estate planning

  • Philanthropic planning

  • Family education & multi-generational planning

  • Lifestyle management services

A family office is created to provide customized wealth management solutions by integrating all aspects of the unique family it serves while fostering the identity and values of the family.

When to create a family office?

Families who decide to start a family office typically have at least $100M in investable assets and want to: 

  • Maintain control of their assets and the decision-making process

  • Preserve their privacy

  • Benefit from collective buying power of the family’s combined assets

  • Keep the family together

  • Have a dedicated team devoted to providing key services and helping achieve long-term goals 


Goals and complexity of the family office

The complexity and family goals are the key drivers of determining family office needs.

A family office must consider the number of family members, entities, ownership and legal structures.

  • Investment Goals

    • Number of investment advisors

    • Complex asset holdings

  • Financial Goals

    • Financial security

    • Personal vs group goals

    • Monitoring of goals to completion

  • Households

    • Geography

    • Number

    • Specialized reporting needs

  • Structure

    • Complex ownership structures

    • Multiple owners per structure

    • Lack of mechanism for smooth exit

  • Entities

    • Complicated legal structures

    • Number of entities

    • Complex entities such as foundations and business holdings

  • Advisor Relationships

    • Diverse providers

    • Integrated and customized solutions

    • Constant communication

The Family Wealth Manager

Growing and protecting a family’s assets for future generations in a professional manner is the job of the family wealth manager. Success can be measured in asset growth and protection, creating efficiencies, optimizing financial activities, and the peaceful transition of control from one generation to the next.

Families create a dedicated family office to have a professional way to address the challenges that complex families incur. 

Managing family wealth is a distinctive business where family members are the owners of their shared financial future and the decision makers for their own wealth management business.

How can I learn more? 

Schedule a call to learn more about how we can help guide you in the creation and management of your family office.

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