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List of Family Office Services

The services provided by family offices vary depending on the goals of the family and the nature of the office.

Some family offices offer strictly strategic and investment services while others offer everything from strategic philanthropy to convenience services. Below is a list of family office services that are commonly provided. 


List of Family Office Services

Investment Strategy and Implementation 

  • Investment policy development 

  • Asset allocation plan development

  • Investment managers selection

  • Investment vehicle structures 

  • In-house portfolio management

  • Custodial oversight

  • Core asset class oversight

  • Alternative asset class oversight 

  • Special asset class research

  • Allocation and rebalancing oversight

Integrated Financial Strategies

  • Balance sheet analysis

  • Integrated tax and income plan design

  • Retirement planning

  • Analysis of professional advisors and fees

  • Tax and income plan implementation

  • Bank financing analysis and negotiations

  • Coordination of team of advisors 

Client Information Management

  • Annual consolidated net worth statements

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Quarterly investment performance reports

  • Quarterly investment partnership accounting

  • Monthly entity accounting and reporting

  • Annual status reports compared to plan

  • Online access to custom reports

  • Recordkeeping for personal property 

Wealth Transfer Planning 

  • Development of objectives 

  • Multi-generational snapshot of existing strategies

  • Legal and tax strategies under consideration

  • Financial modeling of alternative strategies

  • Explanation of plans to owners

  • Action plan to implement changes 

Trusteeship Services

  • Trustee fiduciary services 

  • Agent for trustee compliance

  • Investment and beneficiary education

  • Advice on distributive duties

  • Cost analysis and negotiation of trustee fees

  • Selection and training of trustees and protectors

  • Beneficiary education and mentoring

  • Estate administration 

Liability Management 

  • Trustee liability audit

  • Property and casualty insurance assessment 

  • Life insurance analysis

  • Specialty practice lines of insurance

  • Personal security

  • Collectibles inventory, appraisal, and protection 

  • Carrier solvency reporting 

Lifestyle Enhancements

  • Personal bill paying

  • Domestic help and payroll

  • Tax compliance

  • Property management

  • Cash flow management and forecasting

  • Private travel management

  • Aircraft / watercraft management

  • Concierge services

Family Continuity/Client Education

  • Family governance

  • Family education plan

  • Family meeting coordination

  • Family news communication plan

  • Leadership training

  • Career planning

  • Coaching and mentoring

Family Philanthropy

  • Multi-generational objectives

  • Personal giving programs

  • Foundation trustee training

  • Private foundation management

  • Governance and board development

  • Strategy analysis and implementation

  • Foundation and grant administration

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